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To enhance the quality of democracy in India the Election Commission of India has proposed electoral reforms in 2016. What are the suggested reforms and how far are they significant to make democracy successful?

ChatGPT Answer #

In 2016, the Election Commission of India proposed several electoral reforms to enhance the quality of democracy in the country. These reforms aimed to address issues such as political funding transparency, criminalization of politics, voter participation, and electoral malpractices. Here are some of the suggested reforms and their significance:

1. Introduction of electoral bonds: Electoral bonds were proposed to bring transparency to political funding. These bonds are financial instruments that can be anonymously donated to political parties, reducing the influence of black money in elections. They aimed to ensure that funding does not influence political decisions and promote clean politics.

2. Decriminalization of politics: The Election Commission proposed prohibiting candidates with criminal backgrounds from contesting elections. This reform aimed to reduce the criminalization of politics and ensure that individuals with clean records and ethical values govern the nation.

3. State funding of elections: The commission recommended state funding for elections to reduce the reliance on private funding. This reform aimed to minimize the influence of money power in politics and level the playing field for various candidates, regardless of their financial capabilities. It aimed to enhance the democratic representation by providing equal opportunities.

4. Stronger expenditure monitoring: The Election Commission proposed increasing surveillance on election expenditure to curb excessive spending and misuse of resources during campaigns. This reform aimed to create a fair and equal platform for all candidates and parties, ensuring that wealth does not determine the outcome of elections.

5. Encouraging voter participation: The commission suggested measures to increase voter participation, such as making voting compulsory or providing incentives for voters. These reforms aimed to strengthen democracy by ensuring the active participation of citizens in the electoral process and promoting a more representative government.

These electoral reforms are significant as they address critical issues that have been affecting the quality of democracy in India. By bringing transparency to political funding, reducing criminal influence, and promoting fair competition, these reforms aim to strengthen the electoral process and ensure the true representation of the people's will. However, their success would depend on the effective implementation and enforcement of these reforms.

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