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2021 GS1 Question Paper

20 questions

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Question 1 #

Evaluate the nature of the Bhakti Literature and its contribution to Indian culture.

Question 2 #

Trace the rise and growth of socio-religious reform movements with special reference to Young Bengal and Brahmo Samaj.

Question 3 #

Assess the main administrative issues and socio-cultural problems in the integration process of Indian Princely States.

Question 4 #

Differentiate the causes of landslides in the Himalayan region and Western Ghats.

Question 5 #

Despite India being one of the countries of the Gondwanaland, its mining industry contributes much less to its Gross Domestic Product(GDP) in percentage. Discuss.

Question 6 #

What are the environmental implications of the reclamation of the water bodies into urban land use? Explain with examples.

Question 7 #

Mention the global occurrence of volcanic eruptions in 2021 and their impact on regional environment.

Question 8 #

Why is India considered as a sub-continent? Elaborate your answer.

Question 9 #

Examine the uniqueness of tribal knowledge system when compared with mainstream knowledge and cultural systems.

Question 10 #

Examine the role of 'Gig Economy' in the process of empowerment of women in India.

Question 11 #

To what extent did the role of the moderates prepare a base for the wider freedom movement? Comment.

Question 12 #

Bring out the constructive programmes of Mahatma Gandhi during Non-Cooperation Movement and Civil Disobedience Movement.

Question 13 #

” There arose a serious challenge to the Democratic State System between the two World Wars.” Evaluate the statement.

Question 14 #

Briefly mention the alignment of major mountain ranges of the world and explain their impact on local weather conditions, with examples.

Question 15 #

How do the melting of the Arctic ice and glaciers of the Antarctic differently affect the weather patterns and human activities on the Earth? Explain.

Question 16 #

Discuss the multi-dimensional implications of uneven distribution of mineral oil in the world.

Question 17 #

What are the main socio-economic implications arising out of the development of IT industries in major cities of India?

Question 18 #

Discuss the main objectives of Population Education and point out the measures to achieve them in India in detail.

Question 19 #

What is Cryptocurrency? How does it affect global society? Has it been affecting Indian society also?

Question 20 #

How does Indian society maintain continuity in traditional social values? Enumerate the changes taking place in it.